Thursday, January 28, 2010

whoa is me

Sarah, Pela & I went to the Nelson art museum today. It was brisk & blue outside. We were remarking on how far we had to go to get to the front doors, so I suggested to Pela she hop in my jacket. She agreed. As we turned off the sidewalk into the tree-lined walk to the museum grounds, I reached down to open my jacket. This particular jacket has an adjustment mechanism in the form of a tight elastic cord with a plastic ball on the end. Apparently, I grabbed this ball with force as I moved the zipper down its track. Said ball then catapulted under my glasses into the soft white of my eyeball.

I did not drop Pela, but I did expand her vocabulary by one word. I handed her to Sarah and bent over, clutching my flaring eye socket. Long story short, I can see, & ouch.

Elastic is for observant folks. About a month ago, I was removing a dead pine tree from the roof of my car. In doing so, the bungee cord holding it in place held to a branch as I lowered the tree. Do I set the tree down to dislodge the bungee? Or do I give it a little flip to lazily dislodge the branch. You guessed it. I did the latter and shattered the back windshield of the Subaru with a plastic bungee cord hook.

Perhaps the wise among us live longer, & perhaps the foolish have more fun. Takin' the lumps we got coming to us, whichever category we place ourselves...

That is all. Take a minute to secure your protective eyewear.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

artwork lately

The three of us have been working on some stuff lately. Sarah's been sewing & making aprons, Pela's been drawing and destroying, and I have been diving in to printmaking. More to come.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

pea lately

it's mid January 2010, and much has happened. Maybe I just wrote this in the last post, but I will be redundant for the sake of posting consistency.

Our business is approaching a year old, and with the help & support of our family & friends we are feeling, well, helped & supported. We have moved twice in 10 months, and may or may not move once more by the time another year rolls by. We are roasting and printing out of a gallery space in the Westside neighborhood of KCMO. It's a shared space with some fellow artists and designers/filmmakers. The last place had no heat or quality plumbing, so at the very least, this place is a step up in quality of living/working. It stands to grow in excitement as the months pass as well. One definite benefit is Pela & Sarah can come around and not worry about tripping over too much.

Sarah has been doing great, working as the accountant, shipping & receiving, bill payment center, my main supporter, encourager and best friend. Oh and she's full timing raising a little monkey. She has been watching a 3 month old little dude a couple times a week as well. Pela is having a great time getting to know someone smaller than she is. It helps that he often has frog heads on his feet.

It's winter in KC, and most other places in the west. We had some snow this year, and it's more than we have had to deal with in past years. It was a challenge for certain. The issue wasn't so much the volume of snow that came down, it was more about the amount of snow that remained on the ground in the weeks after the snow. One of our cars remained in a drift for 3 weeks due to poor traction, and the 8 inches of snow that adhered to the pavement. KCMO's budget was shot in the first night of heavy snowfall. Yes, it was a holiday, but it was also winter. I don't have a solution for the problem, so I will move on. One thing I know, Subarus make lots of snow a lot of fun to drive in.

Pela is growing wildly as many kids do. She's got a cute little high-pitched voice, and learns more words every day. She has a passion for penguins, a.k.a. 'pengoes,' coloring(cowdowing) with dry erase markers(thxami/papa), & shows particular prowess and cunning in snatching sips of beverages from under people's noses. She likes alll kinds of flavor profiles. That's all I am going to say about that.

All in all, we are enjoying life in KC. We long for the mountains, but rest in the knowledge we can reach them in a day's drive. Much love to you all. Thanks for tuning in... xo

Monday, January 11, 2010

long time

So, it's 2010, and this is the first post in 6 months or so. What has happened? I reckon much. Pela is two and some change, our business is doing well, & we have moved to a new location. Seated with Pea in the photo is our friend Jeremy Collins. He's a local illustrator whose work we have enjoyed for years. Small world brings us into the same workspace. Pela enjoys benefits of working with diverse creative folk. more soon.