Friday, September 28, 2007

finally finished

This is a portrait of a friend's home I have been working on. I have learned a bit about drafting through this process. I have realized, without the proper tools and training, one can have a bit of a struggle with accuracy and scale. Again, a good time. Anyone want their house drawn?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

first job

This here's the first print I have been semi commisioned to do. That is, I am assuming it's pro bono, cause it's for a charity event. It's a good time.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Greetings all, I am fresh or not so, back to KC from MN. I went to a coffee workshop to make the Parisi Coffee face more known by serving in the little freaky coffee community.

With that, I hung out with Kent & Lee and some extendofamily in a going away party for Grandpa Paul. The location of the party was a flashback of sorts. Paul's landlord threw the party in his garage; complete with 50 or so neon beer signs. Good and weird times in Hastings, MN.

Sarah hung with her belly, the cats and the dog. Owen, our fluffy cat, is the alpha creature of the house. Since he's a cat, he trumps the pack mentality including Sarah and I. Anyway, Winston gets beat up regularly due to his advances towards Owen. He freaks out when he sees him. So, upon seeing him Winston ran upstairs. When Sarah found him after he did not respond to her call, he was standing on our bed where Owen was. He looked Sarah in the eye, and promptly peed on the bed. I have to give Sarah credit with her patience. Winston would have probably flown down the stairs, had I found him. Or perhaps he would have learned what drywall tastes like. I am uncertain. However, I told him today, "recess is over. School's in session..." We have tried to give him some room to enjoy being a part of the family. He can't handle the freedom. It's time. Peeing on beds? Daddy no likey.

Congratulations to Joodi on a successful and swift delivery of her ten pounder!

Final update: Sarah is one centimeter dialated and 80% effaced! Homan!!! Let's do this thing.

Friday, September 21, 2007

some niceness

Here's some cool artwork. I am glad someone's out there working.

early work

I am getting into woodcuts here in KC. It's a medium that fits my style as it is already. I can then transfer ideas to a limited number of cards etc. Pretty exciting. I feel a strong connection to this. This might be my medium, yahoo.

Pictured is an early attempt.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

who's hungry?

On occasion, we attempt to channel some of Winston's energy into things other than chasing a cat at top speed or burrowing into his denim couch for what we do not know.
We turn to animal parts. He loves the smoked flavor of an esophagus of unknown origin. What lasts longer is the cow snout. It is fiberous and stringy. Those qualities are not so bad until he gets his molars into it, which creates a suckling sound. Perhaps it's the look of bliss in his eyes that makes us uncomfortable.

Why can't we just let the dog be happy?

Fine. Eat your snout.

Monday, September 17, 2007

alright, it's official.

35 weeks and counting...

built in seat

Here's Winston enjoying one of the many benefits of Sarah's pregnancy. He has modified the cup/plate holder by using it as a butt prop. That is a risky position for Sarah to be in, for Winston is an extremely flatulent creature.

last pre-family photo

Not too much longer now, little K will be here. Sarah and I thought we would take a snap shot of us sans external baby. The way we were then before the way we shall be, we are hoping for some continuity and continuous improvement.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

free download

The Great Lake Swimmers have a live EP for free downloading. I have found it pleasantly listenable upon first listen. Not bad for a lazy Sunday afternoon with wife asleep on one couch and dog on the other. Dig it here.

go wizards...

Sarah and I went to our first soccer game together at arrowhead stadium last night. It was probably the most enjoyable sport observing experience either of us has seen lately. 94 minutes of constant action. Like basketball, it has a strand of pro wrestling woven in to its culture. Drawing fouls and acting on the result is just that. Funny, cause everyone sees it. I guess that's part of why we go: a kick to the ribs or a flip on the head yahoo. We'll go again if we can make it. We get free tickets from my workplace being a sponsor. Maybe this is the sport for us. We'll see what the little one thinks when it arrives.

The Wizards won 3-2 in the last minute. That helped the experience I imagine. Oh, and also nice was the 20 or so people who actually turned out for the game.

Friday, September 14, 2007

pleasant work

This here's a site for some fine art work. It looks like this fella does it all. Thanks to Ryan for linking me to this. It might just change m'life.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Thanks to Billy Barule for this here link of amazingness.

today's sketch

this is an image from a tune my friend john wrote. it's called 'uncertain chase'. it's a suspenseful and simple tune ala tom & jerry. I picture a dark little man running around in an old railyard in the dark. is some one on his tail? who is he chasing? who's chasing him? what is he to do with the time he has left?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

wow:gigantor header pic, & little BJ

some great older photos

Must have been an interesting time to be alive. I reckon it still is.

a fine summer

Sarah and I have had a good summer. I hope you have too. She's been growing a being in her belly, walking a dog and admonishing him as well as volunteering with some non-english speaking folks in KCK. As the season comes to a close, I watch her posture angle back to accomodate the extra load. That affect is the only way you can get the sense she is pregnant from behind. "That girl's aalll belly..."

We've got the burrow working upstairs with an older crib, a couch , an ugly doll and soon a poster of El Capitan with respective routes for the child to ponder. Which ones will he/she drag us up?

We just returned from a fast weekend in St. Paul, MN. Sarah had a baby shower thrown for her up there. Saturday morning, we walked through a farmer's market in downtown St. Paul. The weather was perfectly crisp with the kind of sunrays that shown so clear you could lean a ladder against them. The scene was so ideal, I pondered moving there immediately. Maybe someday we'll justify nine months of winter weather; not today...

The rest of the day included:

-an estate sale ala Royal Tennenbaum house, a spice store in which Grandpa Paul informed a woman that her husband in fact was not the Gumbo King. He promptly invited them(next spring) to dinner at his house to prove it.

-a 30/70% quality art fair with highlights for me being hand pressed wood cut prints, fine whittled creatures, sailors and wizards; not sure why, and gas welded trees.

-fine reheated spaghetti and coversations about 'why wait in life? I never understand people who wait to do something they want to do." and a dialogue about 80+ hair- scalp and eyebrows.

That's it for now, we love you all.

Friday, September 7, 2007

uh oh...

darn that pesky truth...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

sorry about this...

Really, only go here if you are on hold.

over and over

Yep, it gets more and more funny.

Gentlemen, we have work to do...

I know you feel that passion inside growing with every day of not shaving. There are reasons for this. Get creative. There are many ways to grow.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ben Harper

Sarah and I went to a cool theater in KC to see Ben Harper and his band. It was one of the better live shows I have seen. They all came across very humble and real. Everyone was obviously having fun and loving what they were doing. We had great front row balcony seating; no obstructions.

The night was one of the gifts to ourselves while to celebrate life as it is now before the real gift comes. God willing, seven weeks or less brings a little special K in to our lives.

I recommend seeing Mr. Harper sometime.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Dragon's Lair

Does anyone remember this from the 80's? I remember being no good, and having to stick to popeye and ms. pacman for my money's worth.

Saturday, September 1, 2007