Wednesday, July 30, 2008

fox bite

Read ahead for this account of a fox attack in our old home town.  Crazy business.  Our friend Dave is the second person to receive rabies vaccinations in just over a year.  Winston-Salem has some mean animals... Aunt Kizze was attacked by a rabid squirrel in the very same town.  

Watch your back, abiders in the hills of NC...

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The Irascible Neufonzola said...

For a second I feared you were referring to this story:,2933,391544,00.html

Methinks overzealous consumption of adult beverages may have been involved in the above..."hold still Myrtle, I'll shoot 'im off yer leg..."

I find it strange that foxes, which I always considered to be elusive, shy hunters, are so bold as to attack humans, now. You know what the problem is? England banning fox hunts, that's what. When a galloping herd of hounds was hot on their trail, followed by a corpulent mass of semi-drunk overweight British aristocrats on horseback, the foxes knew their place! Now that fox hunts have been deemed too cruel, the foxes are getting uppity and cocksure!