Wednesday, December 17, 2008

happy winter

well, it's cold in Kansas City, and we had our first real snow.  It's been quite nice.  I enjoy driving in control with the Subaru in snowy conditions.  
We are enjoying watching Pela grow and learn new things.  She's taking many steps, and the cats seem to be Pela's best motivator to walk unaided.  
Not much to say here, other than we love all of you.  We miss those we don't get to see often anymore, our NC families, and IL families(Portland we love you too).  We hope to see you all in the springtime.  We pray you have a safe and enjoyably observant wonder filled winter.  


...Is Johnson said...

have you no love for Georgia?

Oddly Correct said...

well, so far, only the Johnsons that live there... you're still NC family to us.