Thursday, March 26, 2009

lucky shot

So I went to retrieve something from the car in the picture, as I was loading the other car not pictured.  As I shut the door, I heard a pleasant 'shooshing' sound.  Curious, I stepped back and looked for the source.  As I was noticing a sinking hole in the back window, the rest of the glass fell in with a likewise pleasant sound.  The only bummer is that it rained broken glass in to Pela's car seat and the rest of the back seat.  

Little kids at recess at the school playground maybe 20 feet away sometimes throw rocks  at people or objects nearby.  Apparently our car was on the list today.  It was a very small rock that hit in just the right spot, with just the right angle to break the spider the glass.  

Bummer for the kid who wasn't around to see it fall( I did look.) It would have been pretty satisfying for me.  Actually it was.  Was the satisfaction worth the price of repair?  I reckon it will have to be.  

good times in midtown KC.


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total bummer dude. Not radical or tubular at all. Very not excellent.