Thursday, January 28, 2010

whoa is me

Sarah, Pela & I went to the Nelson art museum today. It was brisk & blue outside. We were remarking on how far we had to go to get to the front doors, so I suggested to Pela she hop in my jacket. She agreed. As we turned off the sidewalk into the tree-lined walk to the museum grounds, I reached down to open my jacket. This particular jacket has an adjustment mechanism in the form of a tight elastic cord with a plastic ball on the end. Apparently, I grabbed this ball with force as I moved the zipper down its track. Said ball then catapulted under my glasses into the soft white of my eyeball.

I did not drop Pela, but I did expand her vocabulary by one word. I handed her to Sarah and bent over, clutching my flaring eye socket. Long story short, I can see, & ouch.

Elastic is for observant folks. About a month ago, I was removing a dead pine tree from the roof of my car. In doing so, the bungee cord holding it in place held to a branch as I lowered the tree. Do I set the tree down to dislodge the bungee? Or do I give it a little flip to lazily dislodge the branch. You guessed it. I did the latter and shattered the back windshield of the Subaru with a plastic bungee cord hook.

Perhaps the wise among us live longer, & perhaps the foolish have more fun. Takin' the lumps we got coming to us, whichever category we place ourselves...

That is all. Take a minute to secure your protective eyewear.

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Percussivity said...

I take it you didn't say 'Tarnation!'. Well hope the eye doesn't smart for too long.