Friday, February 5, 2010

snowing again

It is snowing again in KC. I guess it's common in winter for a city to have a lot of snow. Today is a day of big flakes and slick sidewalks as we navigated freshly snowed sidewalks around downtown KC. One of our customers are in a big H&R block building. It has very tall windows with which to display the beautiful precipitation. This text is just an excuse to post a picture we took by a fountain in the H&R building.
We attempted to take a day off today, but the first part of the day was running around for the business. We were running around together, so it was a satisfying outing. We are semi-holed away for the rest of the day. Wow, that's blog-worthy...

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the Hills said...

Everything and anything is blog worthy. And it’s just nice to see updated photos of the neighbors and seeing what’s going on in your lives.

miss you