Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Case For Christ

No matter what you think or know about Christ, you should check out this film. It's the short attention span of the book of a similar name, of which I have not read.

Specifically if you haven't come to a place of decision about who Christ is, you should check this out. It's good to have the facts. I, in the too recent past, had not been taught the facts or any solid representation of scriptural truth, and I lived like it. Ask anyone who knew me seven or eight years ago, yes? - - - I am still working on it, but thankfully and hopefully, the only scars I am creating are on my spiritual a** that I drag. More on that later.

As one of the special feature fellows said, ask God to show you the truth of Christ. "The way to understand the Word of God is to first read it". Once you are reading and digging, buckle your seatbelt. It gets real, fast.



miss b said...

where is the video? i want to watch.

sarah said...

we rented it at blockbuster

miss b said...

ooooh. i thought you were posting some vid. from youtube or something. you know this is kizze, right?

sarah said...

oh no. yes, i know you are kizze!!!