Thursday, April 10, 2008

3 years fun

No luck on the ol' blogger server today.  This is the second recap of last night's anniversary outing.  It goes something like this:

  1. Amanda and Pela hung out for the evening.  Thanks for that, Amanda..
  2. Sarah and I enjoyed some of the finest strip mall sushi Kansas City has to offer.
  3. We then enjoyed this year's first batch of chocolate flake fromage from Murray's.  I will have more rants about this subject as I collect data throughout this season.  I'll leave it at sharp mascarpone  notes are not to be substituted with sticks of butter and sugar.  I would still eat it though.  I am a sucker.  
  4. We romped through World Market of all places and took a bottle of rooster sauce home.  of which, we have already enjoyed.  
It   was    a   delight   .    

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mohohens said...

Happy Anniversary Kiddos. What young pups in the world of marriage...May you ever be. And we thought we were happy before marriage. How's that?