Thursday, May 22, 2008


This morning, I overheard Sarah asking Pela is she was going to the bathroom (so to speak) sitting on the floor.  Then I hear, 'ohh you arrrreeee...".  I think nothing of it, for it happens, right?  And then I hear, "ohhh, you fell down".  So, I go in and help the kid sit up.  She's such a sweetheart, I kind of hug her and rub her back-her slightly moistened back-her slightly slimy back.  And, yes, upon inspection of her shirt, it was in fact changing color before my eyes.  Upon inspection of my hand, it too changed color.  

Cute baby with poop all over her... strange conflict of emotions.  I'm sure it won't be the last time.  


Percussivity said...

I never did well with excretions of anykind (whether from the front or back). My wife was and still is very good to me in compensating for this weakness of mine and performing all clean-up of said excretions (since the kids have gotten older this duty now only includes the occassional canine upchuck). Don't get me wrong, I did help change the kids when absolutely necessary but I did so often on the verge of losing the last meal I ate.

Some people faint at the sight of blood... cut me some slack.

mohohens said...

You just have to remind yourself that you know what went in, milk, perhaps carrots or sweet potatoes. That's all that's coming out, with a few million bacteria, but still it's just food right? I read a statistic that 48% of the dry weight of your fecal matter is bacteria. But try not to think about that next time your hand changes color : )

gh said...

No matter what you all say, it's still poop.........reason #835 why we don't have kids.

...Is Johnson said...

Welcome to the dark side of parenting (literally- the dark side). Yep, may as well get used to it. There are many other things that are likely to change colors...bath water, crib bedding, car seats. Imagine the possibilities!

sarah said...

good times.

i often say that i am in charge of cleaning 3/4 of the butts in my house. and if i even pick up that other 1, i'm running away!