Saturday, May 31, 2008


I woke up today on the couch at 7pm covered in sweat and coffee. Body worn out and bewildered. 18000lbs of coffee bagged in 2 lb bags in 6-7 days. That's a lot of coffee. How long does one do that before saying, 'wait. I am literally a pack mule.' I think it takes 2 days.
Other random observations:
1. fake bird calls over loud speakers get to you after a time. Not unlike the dissonant hum of a computer or printer. I don't know how it gets to you yet, but... uh, it does.
2. watching the space shuttle take off is pretty amazing. It takes 8.5 minutes to reach orbit, traveling at over 3500 mph.
3. Dreams of a tall demon following glowing footsteps to a friend and then administering a collar to the neck, leading them away speaking of real estate in Africa and stealing bank funds are not cute.
4. some times when you get squished, everything comes out. It's a good time to do some evaluating of all that was inside and clean and move out from under the weight. Bonus: now you are thinner and more compact. You can fit in more spaces than you could before.

5. some sleep will do me good. xo

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mohohens said...

You need a vacation. How about a camping trip with some friends in Columbia, MO this weekend?