Friday, December 7, 2007

ahh, the rancor


Percussivity said...

Wow... talk about nostalgia! I think the rancor was one of my favorite toys... that and the Shuttle Tyderian... ummm and the AT-AT. Oh and of course the Millenium Falcon... aaaaand the Darth Vader hyperbolic chamber play set... which was second only to the Dagobah play set which had this very cool sponge quicksand pit. Seriously I had just about all of the medium to large SW toys at some point between ages 6 and 15 and many many of the action figures. Actually this massive collection was really between myself and my two brothers. It swelled and shrank from season to season as we got new toys and melted, dismembered, lost to the dog or else exploded with fireworks others. From 1977 until roughly the mid-80's "StarWars toys" as a general category was on every B-Day and Christmas list.

grk said...

yep, there's something tangible about the feeling these commercials bring out. I too, with my brother and dear friend had an obnoxious amount of star wars stuff. I think the peak of the madness was getting the B-Wing; very large, cockpit stayed level, no matter what direction the body was in...sweeettt...
I remember the feeling I got when I saw Return(Revenge) of the Jedi was coming out. It was in the arts section of the Chicago Tribune.
And since that time I have been trying to stop live out the Hollywood idealism so heavily ingrained.
I remember the Dagobah set. It had the rocks that raised up and a clip for Luke's foot, right? Or was it R2D2?