Friday, December 28, 2007

scenes from the north

Christmas day was a day full of loafing and hanging.  Carlye showed us how to play craps, we stood in front of the tree in a row for a while(pela and I were cold and apparently stunned), Uncle Nigel taught the girls about the holiest of all chords, and we all held Pela up in various fashions.  Oops.  How did that picture of Sharon get in there?!?


sarah said...

i need for you to tell me how you got the header picture so big. please do so at your earliest convenience.

grk said...

Well, I decided to choose a picture that would work in the tiny space. I applied it, it looked fine small. The next time I noticed, it was full size. I would try re-saving the photo again. Perhaps you already tried that? dunno.

Percussivity said...

I've noticed some inconsistencies with blogspot because I used to have a large header image and at times it appeared large and other times small... and the random image size seemed to occur irregardless of which browser I happened to be using. I think it just depends how the software feels on any given day.