Monday, December 3, 2007

the kc eating tour with Scott & Mel

Scott & Mel came out to KC this past weekend to meet their niece.  She enjoyed their company, and so did we.  Pela found Mel's presence particularly soothing.  We did the eating and walking tour, since that's what we do in KC.  


Patricia said...

Sometimes I wonder if you boys are at all related... But you know, whatever, gotta love you both! Haha!

grk said...

Rub it in! I know Scott got the looks! At least I got the gene that allows me to juggle. And, unfortunately, neither of us got the brains. That quality skips generations.

Patricia said...

Oh i was soo not talking looks there (you're the good looking one, btw). I was more referring to your personalities! But the jury is still out on the brains part- you seem smart enough, but Scott? Hmmm