Monday, October 20, 2008

beautiful weekend

our family took off for Horseshoe Canyon Ranch this past thursday.  Some friends of ours were waiting for us there.  So much to say, that can't be communicated in snippets.  I will have sarah write some too.  
Summary:amazing sandstone boulders, cliffs, cracks, stampeding goats, horses and dogs.  
Pela did great camping and hanging with folks at the base of the cliffs.  She is an outside girl.  She loved sitting on laps under the thick stars and watching the campfire, and loved balling up in bed awaiting the three blankets to tuck her in with her stocking capped head sticking out.  She crashed until 5am, when she would get up and eat and then crash with one of us until 7am.  Great fun.  
More to come...


AJsTigerLily08 said...

so the goats, horses, and dogs were all stampeding together? this place sounds like a funny farm if you ask me!!!

T.J. said...

The pics are great! It's going to be fun watching Pela's love for the outside grow by watching and learning from mom & kwel.