Saturday, October 4, 2008

this last first friday

Sarah, Pela and I went out to first friday, which is the KC kinda art opening walk or what have you. The art is rarely amazing, but the scene is always entertaining and refreshing.

We celebrated getting moved in to our new place and ate some fried brussel sprouts with almonds and cranberries, followed by a brick oven potato pizza with gorgonzola and arugula.

After this, Pela witnessed her first horses and her first mounties. She thought the horses were nice to look at, and almost nice enough to touch.

Pela was the envy of all whilst decked out in owl stocking cap and modern monkey footy pajamas. [thanks for the cap g&gk]


AJsTigerLily08 said...

what exactly is the experience of fried brussels sprouts like? PLEASE do try to explain.

grk said...

pleasurable... actually pleasurable. I don't think I like them straight. Add a little bacon grease, etc. and you have yourself something edible & enjoyable. Come try some.

The Irascible Neufonzola said...

I've never gotten along with gorgonzola. I wrote a song entitled "Gorgonzola", but I've never much enjoyed it as a comestible. Maybe on a pizza it could be tamed enough by other ingredients to not freak me out.

grk said...

nope, it was still very bright and funky. It was like there was a mustard hanging out in there somewhere. What I did like was how the arugula balanced, and um cut the mustard.

How does one spell arugula?