Monday, September 29, 2008

the new tub triptych

So we are moved in to our new place as far as boxes go, and the cats have come out from hiding in all their annoyingness.  So, we know we are home.  

Pela is liking the danger zone of boxes everywhere.  She is especially enjoying rifling through all of the spices. 

Our muscles are healing from a rough few days.  Thanks so much to all who could help us move.  It was a huge help and a blessing to our little family unit.  


mohohens said...

Finally moved up to the big girl tub, eh? Bout time! Does she like it?

grk said...

She digs it. Too much water introduces the unfamiliar weightlessness. No tips yet, but some close calls. I think we milked the sink because it was so easy to clean. Good bye old sink. We'll miss you...