Thursday, September 11, 2008

some grizzle of America

Monday night, Sarah and I went to see the Dark Knight with a couple friends. Showtimes were 7:oo(vip) and 8:00. I thought nothing of v.i.p., and we showed up at 7:00. There was no showing at 7:00 as far as we could see. So, we deliberated between what crappy films we could see in substitution. Finally, I asked the silly question to confirm my sanity a bit, "sooo, there's no 7pm showing, right"? The attendant said there was a showing in the v.i.p. room. That was it. So, we wondered a moment and walked over to the decadent looking, saloon type room marked, v.i.p. Turns out, one can pay a couple dollars extra and have a reclining chair(with footrest), beverages, food and no previews to augment the viewing experience. Pretty fantastic. We don't go see movies to be affordable, so, might as well pay for the pleasure of solitude. Monday night is a good night to check it out. Thumbs up.

the movie wasn't bad either. It was pretty intriguing to us 'til about half way, and then it lost something. Over all, a good waste of two hours. Bummer about Mr. Ledger on a variety of levels. He did a fine job innovating the Joker.

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The Unabashed Blogger said...

AMC Theaters: Mon-Thur $5 tickets.

The Joker should have laughed more.