Monday, January 21, 2008

climbing again

we hit the climbing gym again this weekend.  We have met a few people motivated to climb.  It's too cold for us to climb outside, so we make the best of what's inside.  Pela's getting used to the grunting and flailing that comes with that activity.  She has a future friend, Layla.  She's a one year old little girl who was trying to get pela to come to her when she patted her leg.  Works for the puppy, why not a baby?


sarah said...

it seems that you guys are getting great use out of your bumbo chair. ours was a bust. any restraining device is a bust. unfortunately, some are necessary (car seat, high chair, the grocery cart...)

AJsTigerLily08 said...

alex is a big fan of this first picture & pela's new friend... who seems to have passed out with the excitement that comes with all-things-pela. we also enjoy the similar picture of her sitting on the kitchen table. HILARIOUS.