Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Greetings from above a hot cup of some fine Kenyan coffee.  I know I am going to find the sweetness of canned peaches or apricots as soon as it cools a bit.  I can already smell it.  
I am at work doing some inventory work for year end.  It's nice to have no vibe or drama bouncing around the office and my head.  I am quite productive working alone.  I would like to do that more often.  
If any of you feel prone to new year resolutions, I hope you find the strength to stick to them and through them.  I am excited about this year.  Life in KC with Sarah and Pela and is a life that's flying by.  I am grabbing on and letting go with all that I am and am not.  The clock ticks with every breath we take.  I pray you all progress this year, and push through anything that is holding you back for the wrong reasons.  
That's it.  xogrk

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