Sunday, January 6, 2008

just missed the temple

I was cooking some delicious burgers last night. Minced garlic, sea salt and me with a broiler equal smoke. If you even think too much in this house the smoke alarms go off (that rarely happens). However, last night, the smoke alarm went off while Pela was asleep upstairs. In efforts to prolong Pela's nap, Sarah ran below the beeping alarm and began fanning it with a pillow.

I ran out of space for some blocks of wood I have been working with, so I started lining windows and doorways with them. Some are large, some are small. One of the larger blocks was sent tumbling by a waving pillow. The block careened downward for about 2 feet until striking the side of Sarah's head with its corner.

Sarah's fine now, it just hurts to chew.

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