Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So, today, I had a special moment. It involved six hundred pounds of green coffee, a pallet jack and my foot. It dropped from a dock plate a couple inches on to my toes and up on to my arch. Thankfully, I don't think it's broken. Just a wake up call.

ow. Busy times in the coffee world. Got to open my eyes and slow down, or up, depending on where the reader lives.

Oh, and Pela laughed for the first time today. I stopped home quickly and found Sarah and Pela upstairs. We were just sitting there staring at each other, so I picked up a few balls to juggle. She started up with a little mini kind of donkey laugh, " hee - eeeeeeeeeyh!". I smile just thinking about it.

That's it. We love you.


sarah said...

Baby laughs are the best thing ever. When that first one comes on the scene and you realize that your baby has just increased their vocabulary from a hungry cry, a dirty diaper cry, an i'm tired cry, an i'm awake come get me cry, a frustrated cry and i just want to cry cry, to include laughter, it's a glorious day, indeed.

I still can't get enough of Isaac-laughs. I love it.

I miss you guys.....

sarah said...

that was quite a run-on sentence!